Find Your Marker Moments

How Zeus Jones streamlined the customer journey with dscout

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The consumer journey used to be a straight line.

But with information today at a customer’s fingertips—or even, the sound of their voiceit's no longer a path, but a flashpoint, or what leading branding consultancy Zeus Jones calls a “marker moment."

These quick, emotionally intense interactions are the difference between missed opportunities or loyal evangelists.

Watch to learn the theory and psychology behind finding the moments that matter most and how to design research in dscout that reveals the unforgettable touchpoints in your customer experience.

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What's a "marker moment"?

Elsa Perushek, Zeus Jones business strategist and featured webinar speaker, explains:

We all want to make incredible and memorable experiences for people. But for many years we've been approaching it all wrong.

- People move through life non-linearly but we've created journey's that only work in a linear fashion
- People are highly emotional decision makers but we've created interactions that only highly functional
- People experience things in context but we've created experiences that act like people are in a vacuum
- People constantly experience things anew due to technology but we've put the same tools in new technology

We aren't making the best experiences possible for people. However, creating experiences that work in a non-linear fashion, are both emotional and functional, take context into account and use new technology appropriately is really hard. One would think you'd have to create a million journeys to make any one experience work for someone.

We've created a short cut. Rather than create a bunch of journeys and matching interactions for all of them, we identify the most powerful, emotional moment in that experience.

We then create an incredibly powerful and potent interaction in that moment.

Marker Moment is how we define the moment. The potent interaction (what we had called self-contained interactions) is what we build in the moment.

What the webinar covers

Stream the webinar to:

  • Learn about Zeus Jones' shift from linear consumer journeys to marker moments
  • Understand how they identify and find the moments that matter most
  • Hear how the agency works with its clients to find marker moments through dscout research