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Share Your People Nerd Words

The People Nerds community is thousands strong—with a loyal readership from industry leaders and top UXR teams. Feature pieces go out to our 25k+ subscriber email list, and our writers are often considered first for dscout speaking opportunities and future event attendance.

But all that aside—contributing to People Nerds is an opportunity to get curious people truly interested and engaged with what you find interesting and engaging. It’s an opportunity to start a dialogue, share your best piece of advice, or put a spotlight on the findings you’re truly proud of.

In short, if you have an idea, a study, or question that you can’t believe people aren’t talking about it—contributing to People Nerds is a chance to get them talking.

Here are our submission guidelines.

What we publish

The best way to get a sense for what we publish on People Nerds is to read what we publish on People Nerds. In general, we strive to make everything we share original, tactical, and curiosity-inspiring.

Put simply, the average reader should leave a People Nerds piece with at least one practical new idea and one exciting new question.

More pragmatically speaking, what we publish generally falls into one of the following categories:

1. Substantive methodological or tactical deep dives (like our Complete Guide to Generative Research).
2. Novel takes on UXR approaches (like our Choose Your Own Adventure Story Spin on Journey Mapping)
3. Original research findings (like our original study on American Perceptions of Tech or Design Principles for Gender-Identity Inclusion)

In addition, content should offer a clear argument or piece of advice (we're very wary of link-filled listicles), be written for researchers (content for stakeholders interested in design and research is also acceptable), be substantiated (sources and experience should be sited when appropriate). All content will be edited to adhere to our style guide before it goes live. An average article length for People Nerds is ~1500 words.

What we don’t publish

The big "no's" for People Nerds entries are pretty standard. Product pitches, overt promotion, and "been there, read that content" will likely be rejected. For example, we avoid publishing:

1. Very high level overviews of stuff you can already find around the web (ie. "What is user research?" “What is a persona?”)
2. Any piece that’s already published elsewhere (including your personal blog or Medium). We’ll sometimes take on deeper-dives, responses, or expansions upon on topics that have already been covered.
3. Content that doesn’t align with our brand values of inclusivity, empathy, humility, and inquisitiveness.

How to submit

Send an email to We’ll take a look at rough drafts, outlines, or pitches (a paragraph or so on what you want to write and why it’s of interest to our readers). Google Doc links work best for our team.

1. We'll review your submission and determine if it's a fit. Sometimes, content might not be best for the blog—but would work well as an interview, ebook, or webinar. Either way, you'll generally hear from us within the week.
2. We’ll get back to you with feedback. If you send us a completed piece, we’ll review with a fine-tooth comb and offer suggestions for improvement. If you shoot us something pre-draft, we’ll schedule a time to get on the phone and discuss direction.
3. If your piece is accepted, an editor will work with you to refine clarity, structure, and style.
4. Once all edits have been addressed, we’ll “okay” your piece for publication. Our design team will get to work on custom art for the piece, and we’ll schedule a time to hit “publish.”