Walkthrough: Journey Mapping with dscout

Learn how to develop a research project in the dscout platform that supports journey mapping.

Ben will show you how to:

  • Create screeners, parts and missions, from a journey mapping project template
  • Ask and program the right types of questions for understanding the customer journey
  • Categorize scout responses and process into research insights

Plus, see an example of an actual dscout project designed for journey maps!

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Presented by:

Ben Wiedmaier
Product Evangelist, dscout

Ben is the product evangelist at dscout, where he spreads the “good news” of contextual research, helps customers understand how to get the most from dscout, and impersonates everyone in the office. He has a doctorate in communication studies from Arizona State University, studying “nonverbal courtship signals”, a.k.a. flirting. No, he doesn’t have dating advice for you.

The walkthrough showcases:
  • How to use a template for a journey mapping project in dscout
  • The tactical ins and outs of building a dscout research project
  • Ways to sort and process responses that align with the customer journey
  • A completed example study about brand loyalty that is designed with journey mapping in mind