See dscout's new tagging feature in action

dscout's new tagging system makes it easier and more intuitive to translate rich, qualitative data into actionable insight. With tags, organize and systematize any open-ended data, from interview transcripts to screener short answers.

Tags are available for all of dscout's tools, maximizing project-level theme generation. A central management view provides powerful filtering, frequency distributions, and import/export ability. Whether you’re a manager checking on framework progress or a practitioner mining for themes, this view supports researchers' needs.

We've created a sample project with real data that's been tagged to demonstrate the ease and power of thematizing in dscout. Sign up to check out the study design and a look at the tagging framework we devised to atomize insights from our omnichannel shopper study, where we uncovered jobs being done, modality differentiators, and brand.

Get Added to a Sample Study

What to expect:

  • We’ll give you full access to the fielded dscout project (we call them missions).
  • You’ll get a confirmation email, then a platform email notifying you of your invite to the study.
  • If you don’t have a dscout account yet, you’ll be prompted to sign up (Signing up is fast, free, and requires no commitment).

A quick walkthrough of our tagging feature:

HubSpot Video


Check out the sample project to see it in action