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When "doing research" is precious, qual is low-frequency and high-stakes. 

But are you regularly connecting with your users? Are you regularly getting enough feedback, and asking the right questions?

Rolling (or iterative) research is easy to implement, closely connects orgs with customers, and shapes essentials like product development & usability.

Join user-research pros at Facebook and Github as they share how you can start, build or better leverage rolling research at your org.

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Meet the speakers

Moderated by Ben Wiedmaier, research evangelist at dscout


Akilah Bledsoe
 Research Program Manager at Facebook

Akilah Bledsoe is a Research Program Manager for the UX discipline in the AR/VR team at Facebook. As a four-year veteran of the Facebook Research Operations team, Akilah has been instrumental in building out a wide array of programs ranging from international research to vendor management.

Prior to Facebook, Akilah developed the Operations practice at research firm AnswerLab.


Zara Logue
Senior Manager, User Research at Github

Zara Logue is currently the Senior Manager of User Research at GitHub, where she leads a team of researchers that partner with product managers, designers, engineers, and data scientists to build GitHub's next great feature.

She has 13 years of experience working in user research, and has helped companies like Instagram, Honda, and Google improve their customer-facing digital experiences.

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Akilah and Zara cover:

  • What rolling research is best-suited for (and when it's not the right choice)
  • How to begin your own iterative research practice, no matter the scale of your team or your asks
  • Who to involve, when—and how to socialize findings with your stakeholders for max impact

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