Scrappy is Subjective: Quality, Speed, and Impactful UX Research

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As organizations mature in their human-centered insights practice, so too does demand and awareness of user research.

Front-line practitioners, as well as team leaders, are regularly faced with suggestions to conduct "quick-and-dirty," "scrappy," or "lean" research to keep up with demand.

But what does this mean for our methods, our rigor, or the confidence of our recommendations?

People Nerds brought together a panel of UX leaders to discuss the pressures of time, the false dichotomies those pressures can create, and ways researchers can expectation-set with stakeholders and collaborators.

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We'll explore...

  • The problems of juxtaposing "speed" with "quality" in UX research
  • A few variables and conditions contributing to this 2 x 2
  • Ways to align research goals to timelines, staying flexible and invitational
  • Saying "no" and the power of self-advocacy in the face of demand

Meet the speakers:

Michele Ronsen | Founder @ Curiosity Tank
Noam Segal
| Director of User Research @ Wealthfront
Cristen Torrey
| Director of Research @ Figma
Janice Wong
| Senior UX Researcher @ Amazon UX Lab
Moderated by Ben Wiedmaier | Research Evangelist @ dscout


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