Understand customer experience in your journey map

Are your customer journey maps based on assumptions?

You might be missing the voice of the customer — and misunderstanding the true customer experience.

Qualitative research makes journey mapping better. But how can you use it to your advantage?

Our guide to qual research for journey mapping contains:

  • A webinar with research leader Autumn Schultz on how to inject research into your journey maps and engage stakeholders
  • Tips for better journey mapping, and for using dscout for journey mapping research
  • A journey mapping template for researchers
  • A look inside a journey mapping project in the dscout platform
  • A video walkthrough tutorial on setting up journey mapping research in dscout with a sample project

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How and why to use contextual research in journey mapping

Autumn Schultz, former research lead at ShopRunner, shares how she gets meaningful insights from dscout and turns them into "living" journey maps.

The conversation with dscout's Ben Wiedmaier includes strategies for engagement and analysis, and a look into Autumn's framework for journey mapping on a recent ShopRunner project.

See journey map examples from a research pro!


In-Context Research, High-Impact Insights

dscout connects companies with consumers for quick insights from qualitative research.

Using their mobile phones, scouts submit photos or videos that capture moments researchers can't get anywhere else. 

It's the best way get real insights from real people, efficiently. 

The world’s most customer-obsessed companies use dscout to understand their people. 

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Build better journey maps

The tips, the tools and the platform to improve your understanding of your customer experience.

Why guess what your customers are doing when you can have them show and tell you? 



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