Doing Evidence-based Analysis: Applying Grounded Theory Methods to your Research 

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Robust, involved research projects can still yield little to no research impact. That’s because your qualitative studies are only as effective as the insights you surface in analysis. 

A solid understanding of grounded theory can help ensure you’re getting as much out of your studies as you and your team put into them. We’ll walk through a case study that will demonstrate hands on, effective qual analysis, and leave you with pointers for teaching these tactics to your team. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply methods that promote users and their diversity of thought
  • Develop a “codebook” or a set of thematic areas to systematically “code” or tag across all data
  • Analyze, track, and code data into insights
  • Identify recurring patterns across data and develop evidence-based opportunities

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About the Speaker 


Rachel Carmen Ceasar

UX Researcher, Culture of Health + Tech Consulting 


Rachel Carmen Ceasar, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and UX researcher working at the intersection of health, technology, and design.

Her work and research examine the impact of cultures and systems on how people navigate and negotiate their health and wellbeing.

She's the founder of Culture of Health+Tech Consulting a womxn-owned research and design firm in Los Angeles that helps people understand culturally-responsive approaches to health and tech issues.

Rachel is also a public health researcher and educator at the Department of Preventive Medicine at the USC Keck School of Medicine where I study the impact of cannabis, vaping, and opioid use.

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