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A New UXR Maturity Model
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For years, we've watched the role of user research shift and the demands of research evolve.

Through conversations with leading researchers in our People Nerds community, we worked to nail down tangible stages orgs take as they adopt, expand, and grow user-centric practices.

See what they had to say...and get the print-friendly chart to see where your org stands.

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Insights from leading companies

Hear from research leaders and practitioners at Google, AirBnB, Uber, LinkedIn, Intuit, Lyft, Bridgewater Capital, EA, Macy's, Fjord and many more.

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About the author


Michael Winnick
 Founder & CEO, dscout

In 2011, Michael Winnick launched dscout—an experience research platform that helps the world’s largest companies drive their most progressive work. Since dscout’s founding, research leaders have tapped Michael’s personal passion harnessing context-rich, human insight to drive innovation. He’s spoken regularly on these topics across the U.S. and abroad.

Prior to leading dscout, Michael served as gravitytank’s managing partner, steering the innovation consultancy through continuous growth for nearly a decade prior to its acquisition by Salesforce.

He’s led product development at Bay Area start-ups and media companies, including WIRED.

Michael is a graduate of IIT Institute of Design (ID) and Stanford University.

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