4 Key Design Principles for Gender-Identity Inclusion
Streaming Webinar & Report

Gender identity isn’t binary.

But until now, the dscout platform gave research participants two options: male or female.

It wasn’t working for our users, our customers, our employees, or our company.

So we took a hard look at how our platform asked users about gender—then talked to ~70 people across the gender spectrum about how we could build a more inclusive experience for our non-cisgender users.

It surfaced design principles for gender-identity inclusion—and insights for any company looking to move beyond the binary.

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Lead researchers Jess Mons (they/them) and Lindsey Brinkworth (she/her) share:
  • How they designed the research—and why we launched it
  • What they found from the conversations, research and prototype testing
  • How you now can conduct more inclusive research within dscout
  • How you can use the insights to make your company more inclusive

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