How to Democratize Your User Research Practice (Even Now) 

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There's never been a more necessary, or more challenging, time to pull "more hands on deck" for a research project.

As UXR matures within a company, the demand for research insights swells. In turn, researchers are challenged to conduct more research, faster, while still ensuring the quality of their work. Bringing "non-researchers" on board can help in this endeavor. 

But it's easier said than done. 

While the demand for insights may not have changed in our work-from-home, resource-scarce moment, our mechanisms for meeting it have. And as we work to democratize our research practice with new constraints, we increasingly find new strategies are needed. 

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the art of scaling, democratizing, and restructuring their research processes, in the wake of new challenges and shifting goals.

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Meet the speakers


Behzod Sirjani
Founder | Yet Another Studio


Roy Opata Olende
Sr. Research Ops Program Manager |  Zapier


Rannie Teodoro
Director, Head of Design | Thumbtack 


Michael Winnick
Founder & CEO | dscout

What's covered

The panel talks about:

  • What "responsible" democratization means for today's human-centered org
  • How the current moment is shifting the focus and approach of democratization
  • Some strategies for getting started (or re-evaluating) with your own practice

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