The COVID-19 Diaries 
3/15-3/22: The week COVID-19 hit home.
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Some people call the COVID-19 pandemic unprecedented, some call it catastrophic, some see it as a chance to come together.

We used our remote research tools, our training and our access into the lives of thousands of Americans to understand this moment better—asking 877 participants about their lived experiences with COVID-19.

While dscout can't distribute hand-sanitizers or build ventilators in the wake of COVID-19, we can do research—hopefully the kind that invites understanding, provides clarity where there's anxiety, and helps us to better connect and cope.

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The Report Includes

  • Qualitative data, including direct quotes, moments and stories from 45 participants
  • Quantitative data from 877 participating Americans focused on their concerns with and responses to COVID-19
  • Takeaways and trends across segments of U.S. life, including healthcare professionals, teachers and more

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