Assisted Project Request Form

We love helping customers
discover richer insights, faster.

Assisted Projects make that happen.

Let a research advisor help you capture the data you need, while you focus on developing and sharing your insights. 


With Assisted Projects, you can access all the features of the dscout Pro Platform to quickly build, field, analyze and share your study --- PLUS get assistance from a dscout research advisor for:

  • recruiting and screening from our pool of 100K+ scouts (or bring your own participants).
  • designing and programming projects.
  • managing scouts and paying incentives.
  • technical support via email or phone.

Is this a research emergency? Give our dscout advisor a call at
312-586-1186 (9am - 5pm Central Time).

Starts at $3000. Payment by invoice or credit card with SOW.


We'll get back to you in 1 business day or less to review your needs and provide a quote.