Agile for Researchers

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At their best, agile approaches bring focus, spur creativity, and encourage collaboration—making your research practice better and your user experience more delightful.

But speed often comes at a cost. How can user-centered professionals adopt agile principles in qualitative projects without sacrificing depth?

Agile qual expert Carrie Yury shares how “agile” and “qualitative” can work in tandem to deliver context efficiently. She’s joined by Kirsten Lewis, Director of User Research at Sonos, whose collaboration with Carrie swiftly yielded rich insights used throughout the company.

Watch the webinar focused on their top tips for adding speed to your qualitative practice, while still doing sound work in an agile environment.

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Meet the speakers

Carrie Yury 
 CEO and Founder, Yuryka

A leader in human-centered design research for product and service innovation, Carrie is a pioneer in agile research. In 2018 she founded Yuryka, a human-centered design research and experience strategy company specializing in adaptive and agile research for product and service innovation. She's built industry-leading teams and organizations focused on conducting better experience research, including as Chief Experience Officer at innovation agency BeyondCurious.

Kirsten Lewis
Director of User Research, Sonos

Kirsten believes the best expression of research is a prototype. She specializes in customer development, which draws on skills such as generating knowledge from disparate data (qualitative, such as ethnography and quantitative, including segmentation); observing and understanding motivations and behaviors that drive individuals as well as organizations; and applying learnings to shape business strategy, product development and design.

Key takeaways

Stream the webinar to:

  • Learn the basics of leveraging agile research and the sprint methodology
  • Discover the unexpected benefits of agile for qual research
  • Unearth the tried-and-tested foundations for how researchers can adapt to an agile world
  • See how easy it is to weave dscout into an agile qual practice without sacrificing richness

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