Prioritizing Fast Research for Agency Timelines

Streaming webinar + one-pager

Hear from agency executives on how they've baked research into their rigorous schedules. 

Agency life is fast-paced. Tight deadlines abound between quick client deliverables and new business pitches.

And despite the need for speed, agencies are required to maintain a deep understanding of customer needs. Luckily, the research world is keeping pace.

Whether you're a brand-new strategist or a veteran director, it's imperative to keep ahead of (or at least on) the research curve. 

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You'll learn...

  • Strategies for incorporating qualitative research into your work streams
  • Common use cases for remote mixed methods and how best to pitch it to your clients
  • Examples for injecting mixed methods data and insights into your deliverables

Join agency and consultancy research pros who've seen the industry evolve for a panel on the pulse of conducting research today. 

Meet the speakers


Matt Wright
Director of Behavioral Sciences




Jennifer Shadowens
Partner and Strategist

Zeus Jones


Mark Szabo
Associate Director of Market Research

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